John McCarthy has been interested in photography since about 1975 when is first camera was a 110 instamatic. The down side to that camera is the film is so small every picture is bad.

In 1984 he bought his first SLR and from then on has worked on expanding his skill and talent. In 2005 is when he got his first DSLR, and although they are not much different in concept there are still new things to learn when making that shift. Up till 2009 most of what he took pictures of was anything other than people.

Since the shift to people he has been experimenting with light and settings to create different feelings with the final products.

Currently he is working with a local artist DraceFace to produce base sets for the start of his artwork. He also works with two MUA’s on a project called Sex Kitten Sundays, which is a pin up type shoot.

He enjoys the challenge of the subject that is not perfect, and experimenting with trying something new. It does not always turn out perfect but there is always a chance to learn something new.

Future plans are to obtain a studio space again, as for 3 years he shared one before it was closed.

Model: Donegan Moore

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