Photographers: Raven Inc. & Subtle Shades Photography

Model: Marcee Mandala

Hi there guys, I’m Marcee! I’m originally from California, a SoCal girl through and through. I love long walks on the beach, and getting a little wet is never an issue for me.

My hobbies include reading, snapping pictures for my Instagram, and trying out new recipes. I enjoy trying new things wherever I go! Whether that’s a new twist on a classic recipe, a hike up a huge mountain, or a crazy sex position… Let’s just say I’m up for the challenge.

I have an obsession with lingerie, as any good female should. My favorite underwear is what I call “cheekies”. Anything that shows off my ASSets is fine with me!

Tattoos and piercings are another of my interests. I have nine piercings and one tattoo. My favorite piercings are my stretched ears and my “smiley” piercing. What can I say; I’m a smiley kind of girl! I’ll let you figure out all the piercing locations for yourself.

I love exercising. You can catch me at the gym before work, pounding away at the treadmill. Crossfit is a recently found love of mine, something about the breathlessness, sweaty bodies, and intensity of it all…

Reminds me of some other areas of life I enjoy!

I hope you enjoy my pictures, I know I had a great time shooting with the other lovely models. Follow my crazy, wonderful life right along with me on Instagram! @marceemandala

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