Photographer: Ronald C. Davis

My name is Whitnee Smith, a 25-year young, prissy and charismatic Gemini from Peoria, Illinois. A little prairie town, Peoria, is where dreams rarely come true but I’m completely committed to making my unique mark on this world. Allowing people to witness my plight through a collection of images. With a sublime love for life, a vivid imagination and confident personality, I adore being a woman. I love my sexy skin, running around in heels heading straight to the top. As a constant go-getter, I see myself as a fearless, fashion visionary vixen, a Marilyn Monroe reincarnated if you will.

I wake up every day to conquer and be phenomenal! This is what I believe “being a woman” is all about. In this so-called man’s world, beauty to me is so effortless, the sexiest most spectacular feeling! There is no comparison.

As a single model, I am proud of my amazing collection of heels, vintage tees, and a prized collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia.

Being in love with the camera since I was a little girl, I love to dance and perform. I participated in drama class in the 4th grade and appeared in a production of Snow White & the 7 dwarfs. It was the “health food version”. I was casted as the wicked witch. Lights, camera, action! I was hooked on every line and every expression. I was fierce! After the performance, I was surprised at myself and everyone who knew me thought I performed like a natural. Since then, I knew this was the career for me.

My experiences include performing in numerous amateur talent shows, participated in the black expo amateur model runway, in the Peoria TRI County area. My old stomping grounds, Chicago, Illinois, where I was a Certified Dyme modeling events. I have been featured in Fywine magazine and Dusk spot magazine. As a regular gold star member, I have a Casting Call Girls feature in Black Men Digital Magazine. The love I have for art, fashion, and entertainment drove me to pursue a career as a model. I knew that chasing this career was going to be difficult. So I started researching modeling sites. After finding Model Mayhem, I uploaded my first pictures. This is where I met the award-winning photographer in Blue Island, Illinois. Robert Owens did my first photo shoot. Since that first shoot in 2012, I spent the next 2 years perfecting my modeling skills, worked on my portfolio, and studied every aspect of this industry. My short-term goal is to figure out my niche and target market. I have been traveling, meeting experienced photographers in my city, as well as other states. With a wide variety of shoots, I was able to improve my portfolio. As a freelance model, I creating my own themes and edited my own images whenever I could.

As alumni of Robert Morris college, I graduated with a Business Administration degree and served as Vice President of the student activities club. In college I decided I didn’t want a 9 to 5 job, but a career where I can create art freely and do whatever it takes to be happy.

I’m a jazzy Gemini who is a serial shopper, avid memoir writer, and a cultural collector with a big heart. It’s very difficult to describe the euphoria, freedom and sexy liberation I receive when I’m in front of the camera. The feeling is surreal, pure nirvana! I am constantly pushing myself past and beyond any limits. I want people to remember Whitnee. My lust for life makes me very diverse, able to create art in any environment. I continue to model in high fashion, glamour, vintage boudoir, print, runway, commercial, model museums, and model memoirs. Anything is possible!

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