The next couple of articles will focus on the relationship between new models and established agencies. This 4 part series will examine many topics that a new model will face as they decide to be agency represented.

A model should be prepared when they approach a legitimate agency. The portfolio, the confidence, and also business sense should be as professional as possible before a model meets with an agency. The most important item a model needs to have with them is a professional portfolio. The portfolio should have a mixture of head-shots, full-body shots, half-body shots, and three-quarter body shots. Each picture in a portfolio should show different looks and different expressions including different attire and should come from all genres they are aiming to get involved in.

Nate ready to travel image by Subtle Shades Photography

Nate ready to travel

Two crucial mistakes that models make are 1.) having multiple pictures that look the same and 2.) having the same photographer take every photograph. A good portfolio consists of 8 to 15 pictures that are from different photographers and show that the model has experience in front of a camera. With that being said, a model needs to shoot with 5 to 10 different photographers to gain enough experience before attempting to be represented by an agency. Agents are trained extensively to make quick decisions on new models, so fresh models need to acquire the mindset to dazzle the agent with ‘Yahoo images’. ‘Yahoo images’ are when a model is synced with the photographer and the background, pose, and expression are in perfect harmony.

Nate standing by the lake in Oklahoma image by Subtle Shades Photography

Guardian of the lake

A model should also have a business card and a modeling composition card to present to an agent. A business card has the model’s contact information; such as phone number, email address, website, and also a physical address where the model can be reached. Good resources to get affordable business cards are,, and

A standard model’s composition card has 5 pictures (one photo in the front followed by 4 smaller pictures in the back) and has a model’s measurements on the card.

Great sources to order high quality reasonable composition cards are,, and BuyCompCards. A model can insure a great modeling career by being proactive and working hard to get the attention of an agency.