There’s paint drying against my skin and I’m not completely sure how I got here. The music still rings out loud in my ears but the dance floor is nowhere in sight. It’s odd, because I didn’t think the club was this large. In fact, I could have sworn that it was just the one room.

We haven’t been outside though, so I must have been wrong.

He guides me down the hall and into a room that’s dark as can be. Hands land on my shoulder and I’m suddenly struck by how large he is. My own hands seem small in comparison when I rest them against his chest and stretch upwards to kiss him. There’s nothing sweet about it. Alcohol rushes through our veins and fuels our actions. It’s all teeth and tongue and a hint of blood.

One moment I’m dressed and the next, my clothing is on the ground and out of reach. The air is cool and I press closer to him, relishing in the warmth of his skin.

It’s not how I thought this night would go but I can’t bring myself to be upset. Color stains my skin and it stains his skin. In the darkness of the room, the paint almost seems to glow. I can’t help the laugh that bubbles out of my throat and can’t help the small noise I make when he grabs my shoulders again and turns me around.

“Stay,” he orders, voice low. Hands run lightly over my ribs and settle on my hips. Every touch has my chest going tight and my breath twisting.

I want more. I need more. The music is fast and loud, even through the walls. I think that the door might be sitting open but I press back against him all the same.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I tell him, looking over my shoulder. He can’t see it, but my lips are twisted up in a grin and I let my hands rest over his. “At least…not if you pick up the pace some.”

It’s meant to be a tease but his grip is suddenly shifting. A hand settles on the small of my back and another between my shoulders. Before I know it, I’m bent at the waist and he’s so much closer.

Fingers grip at my hair and dig into my waist. The muscles in my back protest but that pain is quickly replaced by another, stronger ache. My world becomes a blur. I’m lost in the music and I’m lost in the moment and I was lost so long ago, when I first stepped into this strange new club.

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