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Clara Doll 29

Photographers: Dan Photography and Lex Images

Chassidy Luke

1. Tell me about yourself? I am a professional model and reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have modeled for several years now and have appeared in American…

Sarah Miller Photography

Sarah Miller Photography

I became very interested in photography at a young age. Being so young, I never thought of myself as a photographer or that I would even come this…

GHM January 2013 Issue

Glass Hat Magazine January 2013

For the month of January 2013, Glass Hat Magazine is taking a big step forward and kicking off the year by featuring plus size models in the magazine….

GHM November 2012 issue

Glass Hat Magazine November 2012

This fall, we hope to capture glimpses of the geniuses inspired by the changing season, and share their visions with the world. Creativity begets creativity, and we at…

GHM August 2012

Glass Hat Magazine August 2012

Welcome to our second issue of the Glass Hat Magazine! In August, we are elated to present you with new faces and new talent. We have been so…

GHM July 2012

Glass Hat Magazine July 2012

Glass Hat Magazine July issue 2012. Of course, there are plenty of other entertainment magazines out here, but what makes us stand out, what makes us the best,…

Dreaming Reality

The passion for expression through art is ingrained into the human psyche. From man’s earliest beginnings to the modern era it is our ability to create art that…