Looking to be featured in Glass Hat Magazine. Just follow the steps to submit your work for publication. We gladly accept the work of artists, photographers, and models. If you are not sure whether we will accept your work, feel free to submit your work.

Glass Hat Magazine: Submission Requirements

We love beautiful images, supporting the different varieties is what makes being a part of this magazine so great. Whether the images are about fashion, boudoir, glamour, or fine art nude modeling, the list goes on and on. We want to show the world your beautiful images and artwork.

However there are specific submission requirements and our process is important to the vision of the magazine. This enables us to streamline our efforts to get your images published. So please pay close attention, failure to adhere to the submission guidelines will result in your ineligibility to be published.

Requirements for Submission all submissions.

    1. Determine your theme: It is up to the photographer and models involved to determine the theme. If you are the only person involved, this part is easy. Get creative and show us your artistic abilities. We are not going to limit your craziness; in fact, we appreciate a good shock factor! However, keep in mind that simplicity is valued as well. The magazine appreciates and accepts both.
    2. Everyone involved must be credited: This includes the photographer, the model, your assistant, and even the person who brought you the water as you work diligently on your artwork. (Well, maybe not the water boy.) But everyone who played a part in the finished product. Let’s get them credit also. This should include links to their website if they have one.
    3. Three images MUST be included with every submission: Each artist submission must include 3 images for the panel to review. If your images are selected we’ll notify by email. This seems to be the problem that we run into often. These images should not have been displayed publicly.
    4. Images MUST be in jpg/300dpi: Once your submission is accepted we will contact you requesting 10 images for publication. The images have to be submitted in jpg format at 300dpi and large enough to fit an 8 1/2” x 11” page. We love showing off your work! Besides, anything less than these specs will result in a terrible resolution and will look terrible in print-format. So there is a reason behind our madness. Please ensure that there are no logos on the images. The photographer, MUA/HS, and model will be credited.
    5. Give us a title for the shoot: You must name your shoot. Although you may have a theme in mind, our magazine designers may miss the fact that your images was supposed to portray a specific theme. To ensure we don’t, give us a title.

Model Submissions

Photographer Submissions

If you have any questions concerning the submission process, please feel free to email me. We look forward to seeing you within the pages of our magazine. Have a great shoot!

If there are any more specific questions concerning submission, please feel free to contact the magazine at info@glasshatmag.com