Hello, my name is Sherry Stang Girl. I’m a 27 year old model from a small suburban town near Buffalo, NY. Yes, we are known for chicken wings, snowy winters, Buffalo Bills, and Buffalo Sabres!

My areas of modeling are pin up, glamour and eye candy. I have had the amazing opportunity to be featured in over 14 magazines and many other online modeling features throughout my career. I have also met some wonderful people in the industry including great photographers and makeup/hair stylists.

Sherry Stang Girl-Jimage Photography

Sherry Stang Girl-Jimage Photography

I have a background in pageant, dance, cheerleading and horse back riding. I have had the chance to be a Buffalo Junior Jill cheerleader (Buffalo Bills cheerleaders), Buffalo Bombshell Junior cheerleader(Buffalo Destroyers), and a Junior Buffalo Bandettes cheerleader(Buffalo lacrosse). It’s such an amazing feeling to be out on the field during a game cheering. The excitement of the crowd is unbelievable! My cheerleading days were some of my best days and I will never forget them! I have also competed in many showjumping horse shows for over 12 years.

I first got started in modeling in 2007. I was approached by T1 motorsports and asked to enter an online glamour picture modeling contest. I decided to enter and ended up winning against some great competition. After winning the contest my modeling took off. I started working with photographers, entering modeling competitions, submitting to magazines, and working on getting my name out in the modeling world. I guess you could say I was “discovered!”

I started to study and learn all that I could about modeling. I’m the type of person that puts my whole heart into everything I do. I try my hardest in life to accomplish everything I set out to do. I’m still learning new things everyday about modeling and always study new and exciting poses.

Sherry Stang Girl-Jimage Photography

Sherry Stang Girl-Jimage Photography

I honestly never saw myself as being a model. When I did my first photo shoot I remember how nervous I was! I was even shaking! The night before I stayed up late just trying to remember poses I had studied and facial looks. Luckily, the photographer made me feel at ease. I eventually began to feel more comfortable and started having fun! When I saw the pictures I loved what I saw. After that I started to feel more and more comfortable at every shoot. I also started to get more comfortable with my body and poses. I do sometimes feel some butterflies in my stomach if I’m doing a shoot with someone new. I mostly just get an anxious feeling now because I like to always do my best and make sure I don’t forget to bring everything I need!

My most recent publications have been Delicious Dolls pin up magazine, Lush Kittens pin up magazine, and Classy Keen magazine. Pin up is one of my favorite styles of modeling because it takes you back in time to the days of Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe. I love the beautiful clothing such as the dresses and lingerie. Who can turn down the makeup and hair of pin up girls? Nothing like a beautiful red lipstick and curly hair! My curvy figure has always helped me in pin up modeling as well.

Many people ask how I got my modeling name. When I first started modeling I was very into the muscle car and motorcycle scene. I have always had mustangs. People that I knew started to call me Sherry Stang and so I just added the Girl at the end. I needed a modeling name so decided on Sherry Stang Girl since everyone seemed to think it fit me.

Sherry Stang Girl-Jimage Photography

Sherry Stang Girl-Jimage Photography

I feel that modeling has been a very positive addition to my life. I have gained more confidence and self esteem. I put so much hard work into every photo shoot. I feel it’s very important to be professional and classy not only in modeing, but in every aspect of life. I also make sure that I keep a positive name for myself and always do my best to do the right thing.

Other than modeling my time is spent working out, running my household as a home maker, and caring for my grandparents. I owe a lot of my success to my grandparents who have taught me so much. My grandparents have taught me that it’s important to be a strong person and always be honest. My grandmother is who I look up to more than anyone in this world. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and everyday she wakes up and is so positive. Even though she is very sick she always puts on a smiley face and enjoys everyday to the fullest. Her attitude teaches me that you can get through anything in life.

For anyone out there that really wants to get into the modeling industry I would say give it a try! Never let the fear of failure get to you. Negative people may also try to discourage you but don’t listen. If I would have listened to negative comments by people I would not be where I am today. I also recommend checking references when finding a photographer. It’s important to be safe when going to a photographer you have never met before. A lot of photographers will allow you to bring an escort as well so you feel more comfortable. Take the time to look online and read books to study different modeling poses. Know the kind of modeling you are interested in getting into and do your research.

I have a few magazine features coming out in the next couple of months. I have also been working with a few photographers setting up photo shoots for magazine submissions.

In the future I hope to continue to pursue modeling. I want to be published in more magazines and continue to get my name out more. Other than modeling I want to volunteer at a few hospitals and help out children who are sick and people with cancer. I also hope to find the time to volunteer at an animal shelter. I may even start to have children in the near future!

Sherry Stang Girl-Jimage PhotographySherry Stang Girl-Jimage Photography

Some of my favorite things include:

Color: Pink. I love all colors of pink. Pink is just so girly to me!

Animal: Dogs and horses. I really love all animals so it’s hard for me to pick my favorites!

Season: Fall. I love when the leaves start to change and pumpkins are everywhere! Fall time in New York state is just amazing.

Holiday: Halloween

Movie: Scary movies!

Food: BBQ

Music: Classic rock and country. Patsy Cline is one of my all time favorite country singers. Her voice is one of a kind.

Flower: Pink rose

Hobbies: Working out, horse back riding, reading, and painting.

Day of the week: Friday!

Dressy or casual: Dressy. I love dressing up and going out. I also love to get dolled up for photo shoots!

Heels or flats: I love heels but of course flats and sneakers are more comfortable!

Time of the day: Night. I love the moon and stars. I find the night to be so mysterious and beautiful!

Game: Bingo! I have always gone to bingo with my grandmother and we still love to go sometimes!

Best qualities in men: Being honest and respectful!

Something most people don’t know about me:

I have over 100 hair flowers! That’s what happens when you are a pin up model!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me! I also want to thank all of my fans for being so supportive of my work! Please contact me with fan mail or if you are interested in working with me.


Photography by: Jimage Photography