You turn me on every time you appear before me with all the mystery that you exude. You’re like a wolf trying to hunt me down… but then, you show out of nowhere just like a ghost wearing that red cape pretending to be the little red riding hood, hitting on me while you show me just enough of your glowing skin, full of ink.

My queen.

Your sensuality is far from been close to my body when all I want is brush my fingers against your beautiful figure. Why are you provoking me this way if you know I can’t reach out my hand to yours?

I wish I had a way to enter into your world and find you just the way you are right there and trying to caress the side of your hip that I am looking at in this very moment, travel the edge of your sideways with my lips, kiss your hand and every one of your fingers to finally discover your fine breast rounded, firm and perfect. Clasp my teeth on your pointy nipple and gently suck it until I get a quiet moan from you. I know you want me, you love the way I desire you and you play with my dick. Your eyes find joy and excitement when you notice my growing cock, big and hard because of you and then you hide your face like if you were shy, but I know you are smiling and enjoying yourself.

Do you want to know what I would do to you?

I would take off your cape slowly from behind, letting you feel how the fabric goes down through your back brushing at the same time your shoulders and your arms.

I would breathe near to the deadly slope of your neck because I know this make you feel shivers through all your body.

I would pull you tight against me so you would feel my big cock in the middle of your ass, trying to put it in that heavenly cave, so wanted by me since I first saw you; and then go down to violently grab your panties with my close fist to throw it on the floor and slide the tip of my fingers underneath your pussy to feel your pounding clit all wet and warm, touch your pussy hole… waiting to be penetrated.

You have all this curiosity for me but you don’t want to be caught. You want me to pursue you, to make you scream with pleasure, to bury my face between your ass cheeks and kiss it while I dig my fingers in your wet cunt while you to beg for my cock. You are so sure that I want to eat you and taste all your flavors and juices that you make me wait, you hunt me to make me hunt you. Be sure darling, that I am patiently waiting my opportunity in the forest to run to you, scare you, surprise you and grab you by the neck with my big jaw and pointy teeth. You are a wolf in a cape and I am the wolf that you will let ride on you. I just need to free you from that red cape.

In the end we are both the dams of lust and passion, naked before them, wanting to be involved in pleasures, enjoying our carnal sins without any regret. I would fill your mouth with my fleshy member, shaking for all my tense muscles, flip you and cum on your back while you would feel the white kind rain all over the place as we feel on the top of paradise.

All I ever wanted was to feel our groins together, hear them clapping us to finally win the game. When would you let me play? When will you come out from the darkness to let me see you and follow your steps? I want to reach you, I want to smell all your fragrances, your straight brown hair gliding over my chest, your slim body on top of mine, your tongue dancing in and out of my mouth. Our saliva combined in one and the sweet moisture of your lips in my neck.

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