1. We understand copy right and we respect yours! Being that there is so much involved with publishing the works of others. We have attached a Photographer Release Form. Please sign and return to us with your images. We will also need model releases from each model appearing in your images.
  2. We need a 1000 word bio. Try not to get too personal with it. For safety sake do not go into details about your family and kids. Unless they played a detrimental part in developing your artwork, we would prefer you did not mention them. Tell us about your work, your style. Why you chose photography. What makes your work different then the rest? What is your competitive advantage? What are your favorite things to capture? What do you specialize in? Focus on your artwork, it is what interests viewers.
  3. Please do not just send us your portfolio: We are looking for themed work. There are no constraints on themes show us what makes you different. We want them to visit your website to see your portfolio.
  4. The bio is very important! Without it, either from the model or photographer, your images will not get published.
  5. Please do not make the images public until after the publication of your spread, remember we are quarterly. If the images themselves or their likeness have already been displayed publicly, we will not be able to publish them. Images submitted should not be displayed publicly before the release date, we reserve the right to pull your spread from being published.
  6. We are unable to provide each artist a printed copy of their published work, due to costs. Printed and digital copies of the magazine will be available for purchase.

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