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  1. Stats: Fill out the stats information so that future employers and agencies can see what you are able to wear.
    • Real Name aka Model Name:
    • Portfolio: (Modeling link)
    • Email:
    • From: City & State, or City & Country if not from U.S.
    • Gender:
    • Birthday: __/__/__
    • Height: __’__”
    • Weight: ___
    • Dress: __
    • Chest/Cup: ___
    • Hair: Color / Length
    • Eyes: ____
    • Favorite Color: _____
    • Loves: Hobbies / Free Time Activities
  2. We need a 1000 word bio: Tell us the nitty gritty. Simple bios of your small town, how many kids you currently have or whether you are married is boring. Give us the dirt. Some examples of things we really want to know are below. Please use these questions as a guideline.This is just a small example.
    • What is your most embarrassing moment? How did you react? How did you recover from it.
    • Are you a thong or g-string girl?
    • What is the best pick up line you have heard? The worst? How did you react?
    • What are some of the things that gets your wheels turning?
    • What pisses you off the most?
    • When you are alone at home what are you doing? What are you watching? What are you wearing?
    • Would you rather have flowers or chocolate?
    • Have you ever done runway, did you trip? How did you recover?
    • Have you ever been in an awkward moment while working in the modeling industry. What about it creeped you out? In what state was it in?
  3. In respect for the photographer, attached is a Photographer Release Form. It must be signed by the photographer and returned with the images. We will not publish your images without it.


Petra Mestric Croatian Model

Model: Petra Mestric / Photography by Mirko Slivaric

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