Master & I

I never knew his name and never saw his face but I could not help to run to his whips.

I needed to surrender to his commands as I felt the urgent necessity of being possessed by him. Every word he said to me turned me on, every movement of his presence made all my body tremble.

The first time I went to him I thought I would lose my mind in the despair of what would happen. I was completely naked, aroused for the mysterious situation in which I was involved. He tied me up while I was laid down on silky red sheets and left me there alone for a while so my senses push me to feel everything in a bigger magnitude, I felt the brush of the sheets on my back, so soft and right, the leather in my wrists, a little bit loose… and the cold chains all over my body. I was getting excited, more and more as the clock was ticking. My pussy got wet in matter of seconds, my head started spinning as I was afraid of what was expected of me, my breathing became heaver and I felt waves of electricity running down through my arms and shoulders.

Then I felt his harsh hand grabbing my left ankle, opening my long, shiny legs.

I saw him. He was wearing a mask but I could see his beautiful big blue eyes and his brown short hair, he had this amazing body, six packs and strong arms. My desire grew. I stare at him with lust, wanting him and wanting his big cock too, that was stiff and pounding, he let the head of his penis caress my legs as he walked by my side. I let a moan scape from my mouth. An awful and wonderful mistake.

He left and came back really quickly and with no waste of time I felt a whip landing softly on my rib area and then coming down to my cunt brushing my exterior lips provoking me a little pain followed by satisfaction. I wanted him to fuck me wildly without any strings attached, without thinking about it twice but he made me wait until I almost reached my breaking point.

When I was about to despair he threw himself over me, kissing my neck, licking my big and rounded breasts, clutching his lips on both if my nipples, first the left one and then the right one. He bit my skin really hard drawing his teeth on it, covering all my thighs with his marks. I was crazy drunk with pleasure enjoying every touch and every warm breathe that he exuded on me.

Before I knew, he quickly penetrate me with all his intensity making me shudder as I felt an explosion inside of me. He began to go in and out from my pussy making my breasts bounce at his rhythm and this was incredible exciting to him, I felt his cock harder and harder inside of my cave and with a blink of an eye I was orgasming big time, like never before, feeling all my muscle tense, then releasing all the energies I built on my body, twisting of gratification to finally feel myself light as a feather. I wanted to touch him and move on top of him but I could not, the chains and the moorings would not let me, I was there at his service, not mine, and then I knew what “slave” really means.

Suddenly he stopped. He grabbed me by my waist to flip me, the chains hurt me but I liked it, made me cry out very loudly: “OH! MASTER!” and for punishment he spank me with all his strengths so I moaned, this time quietly. He pierce me by my ass three times, I remember I counted each time he entered, then he took out his wet dick with all my juices dripping from it and I felt his cum on my back like a warm thick rain as he squeezed my fleshy butt with his free hand. I gasped until the last second. He got off the bed and untied me, when I turned around to see him he was already leaving, the only thing I could see was his white ass. And as simple as that, our encounter was finished.


Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

Model: Claradoll29

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