A magazine submission is very important to publishers and is considered the life of the magazine. Without them there would be no content. The panel is getting several model submissions, but they are passing right over most of them.

Model: Kaley/Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

Model: Kaley/Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

Here is why!

  • No modeling link
  • Poor portfolio images
  • Been only modeling for only a month
  • Worked with only one photographer

Glass Hat Magazine is dedicated to help bring exposure to new and emerging models, but they are not just going to put anyone in the magazine. You have to be pursuing a modeling career! How does the panel members determine which model they want in the mag? Below are a set of guidelines that will help you get the panel’s attention.

Things the panel is looking for:

    1. Have a link to your modeling portfolio
      • Websites: Nothing screams professionalism more than a well built modeling website. Sorry but a Facebook profile does not count as being a website. People have a tendency to mix their professional and personal, which is a big no no. Being a new model that may not be cost effective. Here are a couple of other options.
      • Facebook: Just about everyone has one. Put your modeling photos into an album called “Modeling portfolio” or “Portfolio”. Making sure that album is set to public. So any one can view your modeling photos without being your friend.
      • Modeling sites: ModelMayhem is a site that caters to photographers, models, Makeup Artists (MUA) / Hairstylist (HS), & Fashion Stylist. It is a means of letting perspective clients know that your a model. Best of all it’s free!
      • OneModelPlace is another site but may come with a fee.
      • There are several options out there, so have a modeling link available for the panel.
Professional Portrait Photographer

Image provided by Subtle Shades Photography

    1. Care about the quality of the images from photographers you work with.

Not only do you want to care about the photographers you with, but also the images that they post. A quick scan of the images in their portfolio should tell you a lot about their style. When you look at their work, do you just fall in love with the images? Do they produce the images you want in your port? Can they properly retouch images? These photographers are providing you with the images you need for your port. So be selective. Selecting poor photographers only gets you poor modeling pics!

    1. Work with several photographers

Make sure you show growth in your modeling career. Have images from multiple photographers in your port. Is there a magic number, nope, but more than one is good. The panel wants to select candidates that are actively seeking ways to grow as models and getting themselves out there. Show growth!

    1. Care about the images in your portfolio

The images in your portfolio says several things about you. What type of modeling are you interested in. How well you perform as a model, whether your facial expression engages the audience.

Oklahoma Portrait Photographer

Image by Subtle Shades Photography

Remember, “Less is better!” Better to have 4 strong than 50 poor images. If you only have 4 strong images, that is okay! Make sure they are breath-taking. Get rid of snap shots from camera phones, poorly lit images, and anything that is blurred. You are a product that you are selling to your clients. Make sure your images are the best you have!

    1. Have a bio or profile that shows your character…don’t be boring

Feeding the panel your whole history is a waste of time. Tell why you are modeling, how long you have been chasing the dream, what are your accomplishments, what are your downfalls. Even some of the hurdles you have had to overcome. You can even list some of the modeling opportunities you have had. Just don’t be boring!

Now you have the secret to getting on the panel’s good side. Meet the requirements above and you will more and likely make the mag! Now go to the Submission page!