Loyalty and faithfulness tested
The miles stretch long and endless
Never traveled, always separate
Like two prisoners in life’s jail
Love, happiness, and joy promised if
Ever the two shall meet
Time ticks and nothing changes
Stuck in an endless loop, endless loop
Feelings bloom like flowers for a season
Hard to make last for the year

Another comes and offers the here and now
Tempts with the candy one craves
Hard to resist over and over when
The longing to be held, to be kissed,
To be caressed can be within reach
War erupts in the mind and spares nothing
Doubts are weapons utilized by the enemy
To make you give in to the temptation
“They aren’t coming,” “You are being made a fool,”
“What will it hurt,” “Only pleasure awaits”

Wall of defense are strong and persistent, but
Thoughts still churn and simmer
Longings swell day by day
Walls crack like weathered leather
Knowledge that to give in and taste the candy
Means only ruination and loss of all established
For one taste will not quench the desire,
Rather make it grow more feverish
Today the no is a no – hopefully tomorrow
Finds not the no renounced into a maybe

Written by Katrina Williams

Image by Subtle Shades Photography