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Body Suit

Hi, my name is Saisha Meyer, I am 26 years old. I started modeling a few years ago, but took a break to Enlist in the military. I am a big family person, but I am a huge nerd. I picked my modeling back up this past year and have been published in multiple magazines and have met a lot of amazing people. I like to travel, and my favorite is when I meet a photographer that is not scare to think outside the box for a photoshoot. Lately I have been interested in doing dark and spooky things. I have submissions in with Inked Magazine, and Metal Mulisha Maidens, my ultimate goal is to be a part of the suicide girls, and expand my areas of modeling, I plan to be a lawyer, but be able to stay modeling. I guess you could call it kind of like a legally blonde thing, but more of a legally brunette. I’m real big on playing League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Munchkin. I’m about to take up Magic also. I currently have 11 tattoos and plan to get more. If you can’t find me, I spend a lot of time at Attitudes Ink, or playing online games. What I enjoy about modeling would have to be the experiences I get to see and the adventures I find along the way. I’ve had a hard life, but I have come such a long way from those dark times.

I don’t know what it is about tattoos but I love them, no matter how much they hurt. I like to be outdoors and active. I’m a huge animal person. My modeling has been an amazing trip for me and has introduced me to a lot of amazing and kind people. I’m kind of a random person, I have an obsession with Batman, Harley Quinn and Avenged Sevenfold. I love flying and being able to travel, I can’t wait till I can see the rest of the world with my friends and family. I love anything vintage, old cars, old pictures, pin ups, anything old school. I love the way things were back in the old days. I love to volunteer for the community and any way that I can help someone. I am currently going to school for cosmetology, then radiology, and finish with my law degree. I am a jack of all trades. I have 2 mini Australian shepherds and a daughter that are my entire world. I am currently booking for photoshoots whether it be boudoir, implied, casual, outdoors, cars, or just out of the box crazy. I am looking to shoot something spooky and creepy. I love Halloween and horror movies. I am all about murder mysteries, suspense movies, or novels. I’m not a big reader, but I am trying to expand on that. I will also be booking to help photographers, not just as a model but also as hair and make-up, but that will be next year. I love to design new make-up ideas, and experiment with different color schemes. I am looking forward to adding so many new ideas to my portfolio and adventures. I am real big on individuality. I love everything fluffy, and cute. I have been a Featured model and have earned 2 cover positions. I am looking to be bigger than what I have gotten to be now. For booking, rates, or questions I can be found on Facebook on my modeling fan page.

Tattoo credits
Aaron Bishop- Attitudes Ink
Raul Gamez- Attitudes Ink

Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

Model: Saisha Meyers

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