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Basic Blue

What is your most embarrassing moment?
I was a teenager at the mall with my twin and mother, my sister and I both thought a guy was cute and my mother told us to go talk to him but we got shy. We dared my mother to do it, not thinking she would but she went and told him about us, he looked to find us hiding behind a pillar. I’ve never been embarrassed since.

Are you a thong or G-string girl?
I’m a G-string girl.

What is the best pick up line you have heard? The worst? How did you react?
I can’t recall a single best pickup line but the worst happened when I was 14, camping with my family. My sister and I were swinging when a boy came up to us and asked, “So how long have you two been twins?” I was too stunned by the absurdity of the line to respond but my sister didn’t miss a beat, she responded with, “odd oh I don’t know, maybe all our lives.”

What are some of the things that gets your wheels turning?
Art gets my creative juices flowing.

What pisses you off the most?
Arrogance pisses me off more than anything else.

What turns you on?
The ability to make me laugh and light touches.

If a guy/girl was to win your heart, what would they have to do?
He would need to be affectionate, easy-going, lighthearted and polite; chivalry goes very far with me.

When you are alone at home what are you doing? What are you watching? What are you wearing?
I wear comfy clothes when I’m at home alone, I like to draw/paint, and enjoy watching lighthearted shows and movies. My tastes vary.

Would you rather have flowers or chocolate?
I would rather have flowers, roses are my favorite!

Have you ever done runway, did you trip? How did you recover?
I’ve never done runway, unfortunately I’m considered too short

Have you ever been in an awkward moment while working in the modeling industry? What about it creeped you out? In what state was it in?
I can’t recall feeling awkward while modeling.

Do you like it rough or gentle?
I like both actually. I like switching it up and keeping things interesting. There’s a time for both

Is hair pulling an option?
I don’t particularly care for it.

Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

Model: LoveinPaint

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