Here in the darkness, the only thing I can see is your shiny skin, toasted like an exotic summer flower, all painted with the ink of the lust, I love how all those symbols on the edge of your body make me think harder to understand you, my beautiful foreigner goddess.

Are you really ready or are you just tempting the devil?

You look like you are waiting for me to come with my fully hard cock to penetrate you… sitting on the floor with that devilish smirk on your face, grabbing your big, juicy tits. You make me feel so aroused when you put on that sexy black and tiny lingerie, exposing your sexy bum for me. All that voluptuousness and all your deathly curves always drag me to you, accelerating my pulse every time while my lips go through your body, from your shoulders, walking my tongue by your soft back, exponentially increasing my desires to fuck you hard, oh yes darling… so hard.

I know you wish with all your strings for me to get to your holes, to suck the life out of your ass… but be patient, I want to lick the pointed tips of your breasts first because I know exactly how to suck them and tighten them with my precise touch, exploring at the same time your trembling torso provoking you choppy moans while you look at me with that hornie stare of yours, noticing a short strand of my saliva connecting my mouth with the tip of your hard brown sharpie nipple.

Then when I open your legs, without changing your position, my face get deep into your inner thighs giving you small bites and licks all the way to your wet warm cunt as you feel the waves of pleasure making their way to your head elevating you to a higher level. You start to hyperventilate, you feel like you’re going to explode with each lick on your clit and finally when I move my tongue up and down with no stopping you scream my name, you call God… you reach you peak.

That’s why you want me, that’s why you wait for me in the dark every time.

Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

Model: Monica Marsh

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