Darkness closes around me
Not the black of a starless country night
Rather as if the artist used charcoal
To caress this page of my life
Leaving smudges to tease my sight

Whispers sweep along the nitrogen rich air
Too quiet to distinguish the voices
Too loud to ignore and push from my mind
They tickle the hairs on their journey
Gathering in mass to land as a heavy thump on my drum

The stench of the dead wraps its tentacles through me
Making me long for skunks and sulfur
The moment my olfactory glands begin to adjust
A whiff of coffee snakes up my nostrils
Cleansing them, allowing the putrid stink to stake claim once more

Oklahoma Alternative Art

Darkness Closes Around Me

My tongue has become an artist’s easel
Salted, withered soil – the paint absorbing every vapor of moisture
Fish brine – the water used to rinse the tools
That transfer gravel onto my tender organ
I try to pretend it is honey and wine with no luck

Feet sliced by bone shards oozes blood
Hands grasp for any solid object only to feel ghostly webs
Fire races along my raw sensitive flesh
No matter how hard I swat, never extinguished
Leaving me in the melted chaos my mind can not escape

Written by Katrina Williams

Images by Subtle Shades Photography