1. Tell me about yourself?

I am a professional model and reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have modeled for several years now and have appeared in American Curves, MMA Sports and Planet Muscle just to name a few. I love traveling and shooting in different locations across the country. On my free time, I love to hike, workout and travel. Sometime a movie night in my sweats and tank is the best too.

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2. Can you describe a situation in your life that prevented you from reaching a dancing goal? Please clarify how you handled the situation.

Yeah I was turned down by several magazines, I kept trying and submitting and never gave up or let it bring me down. In fact, it made me more driven and I want to succeed even more.

Photographers: Dan Photography and Lex Images

3. What is the best accomplishment that you have achieved as a professional model?

My favorite accomplishment was being in film, although it was a non speaking role I still made camera time and it was awesome to go to a theater and see that I was in the movie.
4. How long have you been a professional model?
I’d count a first publication as a professional so I guess 10 years. My family put me on modeling schools too.

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5. What do you plan to do once you are featured in the Glass Hat Magazine?

Tell everyone! And promote it. This is one of the most respectful and helpful magazines to be apart of after- talking to the editor, proud to be in a magazine that cares and helps models out and I think its great to feature a plus size model. Not everyone is a stick and I def don’t think that’s what you need to look like to be beautiful.

6. What is your biggest fear?

Lol, I try to live fearless. A shark attacking me in the ocean would suck.

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7. Can you describe your typical day as a professional model?

I wake up check emails, write down who I need to contact check the list off, stay motivated workout.
8. What are 3 qualities that are needed to become a professional model? Explain

Well the way I do it is, I stay classy and watch what I shoot with photographers, some want to push your limits, it’s your body not there so you are not obligated and a picture last forever. I try to get references on who I work with it tell others feel free to contact who I have worked with. Last but not least, I get in and get the job done, I don’t stand around and party or drink at a shoot, you would be surprised his often that happens. To me it’s a job and image I’m creating for a product, magazine or agency.

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9. How do you find the time to separate your professional life from your personal life? Explain

Well it’s not hard to separate. I don’t walk around posing. I am grateful to be happy and I am constantly around wonderful family and friends.
10. What is your advice to aspiring models that have dreams to become professional model in the future?

Never give up, ask other models for advice or pick a few popular models and see how they pose. Learn how promote yourself and also find a reputable agency. Word of the mouth is better than Google.

Photographers: Dan Photography and Lex Images
11. Who is your favorite role model that gives you inspiration?

Marilyn Monroe, I love and live for her quotes. She’s is an inspiring person, she never cared what anyone thought also and always smiled.

12. What is your dream job? Why?

Hmm, I’m doing it but I guess to be a well known actress. I think it would be fun to play different roles. Angina hotline is an inspiration to me and she does not use stunt doubles for the dangerous stuff.
13. What is your personal motto that describes your outlook on life?

You only live life once, so enjoy every moment that you can.
14. If you could choose any type of animal in the world to be what animal would you choose? Please explain your answer in great detail.

I’d be a monkey and swing around trees scratch my head and eat bananas all day lol!


Model: Chassidy Luke


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