Ever have a dream and think its too far out of reach? I have felt that way on numerous occasions myself, but truth is nothing is ever out of reach unless you make it that way yourself. This doesnt mean that it will be easy to reach the goals you set for yourself, it simply means that you have to try harder and put forth 100% effort when shooting for the stars. No one reaches their dreams by taking the easy way out or simply giving up on themselves thinking its just not for them.

It takes alot of strength and backbone to get to the next level, no matter what you do in the arts and entertainment industry. Each person will have their good days and their bad days. There is a saying that I love, when it looks like my day is going bad and nothing seems to be working the way I think it should.

“When life gives me lemons I take them and make lemonade,” Author Unknown.

That saying cuts deep and snaps my head back into reality as I sit down and analyze what it is I need to do, and what I need to learn from the situation placed before me, in order to have that nice cool lemonade ease my dry throat on that hot day.

Image of Traci Lacek at the wildlife refuge

The wildlife

Imagine a world without artists and dreamers of any kind. No color, no imagination. No pencils, pens, paint brushes, cameras, music, dancing, or movies. The simple day to day life would drag on without the creative side of nature itself. Every artists started out with a dream that stirred deep within themselves, the calling to create something special and unique.

An Italian painter starts out by seeing the beauty in an object or person and dreams of what masterpiece he could create before taking the first stroke of the brush to the blank canvas. But what if he decided that he wasn’t the person for the job? The Mona Lisa wouldnt be hanging in the museum as a famous painting if Leonardo da Vinci had given up.

A director has a dream that he can showcase the story of a giant ship going down on a voyage with hundreds of people in such a way that it grasps the attention of the audience and makes them feel as if they were there, and brings tears as their hearts go out to the people that were truly involved in this true story. If James Cameron gave up before it all started then we wouldnt know the story of the Titanic in the way it was shown with such a heartfelt way.

Image of Traci Lacek photographed by Subtle Shades Photography

Girls and Guns

Photographer and writer Robert Capa had a dream of making it big one day and started out small, eventually setting the standards for war photographers. Sculptor Michel Angelo createed a masterpiece of a Renaissance sculpture of David. Singer Pink continues to follow her dreams and is well known for her song “Perfect”.

All of these people have something in common, they all started out as a dreamer and then built on that dream through hard work, faith and perserverence. Remember none of these dreamers reached their dreams in just one day. What will you do with your dreams in the industry? Strive to be the best at who you are and watch as your dreams take root one step at a time.