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Black Desire Body Suit

During my teens, I had a flickering mind when it came to having a favorite color; I changed my favorites almost every other year. Ranging from super glamourous golden to the super sexy red, it always seemed a tough decision. But time taught me that black is what I truly wanted. I can still easily recall the days I would wait for dark before I could run upstairs to the terrace and hide in the store room. The darkness helped me be me, helped me channelize all that desire I had locked up in me. The thoughts were addictive and satisfactory, no wonder they still haunt me, peaceful yet fiercely, touching and playing with myself when no one is around and it’s all black.

I was already in the mood of playing when my boyfriend returned to our apartment from his art shop with a box of black body paint. In my head, I could already imagine playing dirty black with it while he sipped on his protein shake. I opened the box, dipped in my right hand and it was so soft. Just the idea of this spread over my body was turning me on. I slowly got rid of all my clothes while my boyfriend looked at me with both curiosity and hunger as I dipped my hands in the black paint. There was this silence which I could sense, a silence awaiting a wonderful journey or maybe just black-candy. I patted my left shoulder with the paint and dragged it all the way down till it passed over my breasts making my tiny but hard pink nipples go black.

I took some more paint in my left hand and make it slide through my thighs, making circles around my ass and then slowly bending covering more area of the leg with the paint. I also took a chance to peep at my boyfriend, I can see how bad he wants me but fortunately I wasn’t done yet. I wanted to play more, I made circles around my breasts with the paint revealing only my areola and nipples, then ran it all the way down passing my stomach reaching down to my private kitten. Lower my hands went, the darker and the sexier I felt and the slower I got in order to feel each moment with high intensity.

I lay on the ground with my bottom facing my boyfriend, I sat on my knees with no clothes but heels, drifted my thighs apart giving a broader view of my back, before I ran my hands circularly on my hips. “Baby would you let me in yet?” asked my boyfriend with his eyes as black and shiny as my whole body and rubbing his tool with one of his hands. “A little…just a little more waiting sweetheart” I told him while I continued to breathe heavily. I could see glowing desperation in his eyes to come and play with me. He got up from his place, undressed himself, and to my surprise walked towards the box of black paint. He dipped both his hands inside and then he walked towards me. He kept one of his hands on my left breast and squeezed it so hard that I couldn’t help but moan at the top of my voice. With his other hand, he groped my butt and began to slide his hand all over my holes. It’s the feeling of being covered with lust that slowly takes over you till you’re completely drowning in the beautiful trap of your own sexuality and needs. I feel I am covered with all my desire and want to make love and be loved. I asked my boyfriend to take me before I would go dark on the inside, he thrusts and pushed in me himself with his black side.

Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

Model: Ryynagade