If you are a beginner model, here are some wonderful tips to get you started on the right track.

Time and research is needed to find a photographer that can produce a quality image, as well as have the skills to pull off the discussed concept. For example, a pin-up model would not go to a photographer whose main focus is fitness, unless the photographer in question has the proven skills for both.

A pin-up model would seek out a photographer with a portfolio that mainly focuses on pin-up models, because this means that they have spent time perfecting that look. However, this does not mean every photographer that does pin-up would be good for the job. Quality and experience are important in finding the right photographer. There are a lot of photographers that are versatile, but that is not the case for every photographer.

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Simply researching a photographer’s portfolio is not good enough. Personal safety and comfort with the photographer is just as important. Talk to several different people who have worked with the photographer in the past to get character reference; check to see if they have ever been blacklisted and the reasons why, and by how many people.

Knowing how to pose is just as important as the photographer you choose. Posing is like acting, it gives you a chance to escape into a different world and be someone else, if only for a moment. It’s important to make the pose your own by keeping a little bit of your own personality. Poses, if done correctly, help to elongate the body, add strength to the image, define the muscles, and bring out the perfect work of art.

A successful model also knows how to style themselves for a shoot. Using the right kinds of makeup are important; you get what you put into the image. Some high quality, recommended brands are Sephora, Mac, Smashbox, and PhotoReady. The use of fake eyelashes can also help to avoid clumpy eyelashes caused by mascara. Your face is one of the main focuses in most images, and perfecting it as much as you can before Photoshop helps the photographer to enhance the image even more. Keeping your nails done is part of this process.

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Model: Traci Lacek

Remember, once an image is out there, its hard to get it back, so if it is not what you want circulating for all to see, stick to what you are comfortable with others viewing.

Presentation is very important, so be on time, if not 5 to 10 minutes early, and be completely ready to shoot when you arrive. The photographer’s time is just as valuable as your own, so you need to treat it as such. No call or no show is unacceptable and will end you up blacklisted. If, for any reason something comes up that causes you to cancel, it is vital that you contact the photographer and let them know the circumstances as much in advance as possible. It’s common courtesy in business, the same way you would not miss work without contacting your boss,that would get you fired.

Most importantly, remember to always have fun and be yourself, because in the long run that is what creates masterpieces. Know what you want out of the industry and never stop aiming for the stars. You are the one in control of the outcome as long as you stay focused and keep the passion in the art you want created.

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