Fall season provides many sporadic weather changes for all of us living in Oklahoma. This month, we move into one of the scariest months of the year. “Ladies and Gentleman” Halloween will be here soon, so expect all the local candy stores to be flooded with people. With that being said, make sure you close all your doors at night because I would hate to see your house ambushed by unwarranted ghosts. The title “Trick or Defeat” has a coveted message behind it. The message refers to the GHM maintaining the fighting spirit of a warrior and to not fall prey to any outside deceptions.
The world is full of people that have bad intentions and the ability to preserve in turmoil periods is a beneficial skill to obtain. The timing of this letter is in sync perfectly with the month of October because Halloween celebrates trickery and the GHM is not the type of magazine to let its guards down any time in the near future. Please take some time and check us out on Facebook at (http://www.facebook.com/glasshatmag) and also tell your friends to visit our website at (www.glasshatmag.com). The warrior spirit flows within me and all the other members of the GHM family. We do not give up and are willing to make huge sacrifices; to make sure when you pick up a GHM you instantly get the superior quality of hard working real people.

I endorse the habit of leaving fans with the blueprint of upcoming current events. The Bikini calendar progressing has been phenomenal and we got more tricks up our sleeves to make a magician second guess what our next move is. “The Sky is the Limit” and the GHM is reaching for a new stratosphere, so this is not the time to get scared.

Nathaniel Goodwin