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  • 2014 Bikini Calender/Model Carol Lynn

    GHM 2014 Bikini Calender featuring the sexiness of Oklahoma.

    These women will stir the loins and get you dreaming for many nights to come. You can see more of the

    Oklahoma beauties here »

  • GHM August 2013 Feature Model: Miss Brooklyn

    Miss Brooklyn will set your heart on fire...before she puts a bullet through it.

    To see additional images of this hottie...follow the link.

    To see more of Brooklyn »

  • GHM August 2013 Feature Model: Autumn Hill

    Thought we would give you a few more images of the local bar owner....with a body!

    Check out the additional images that didn't make the magazine spread!

    Check out her body here »

  • GHM 2013 Cover Casting Call

    GHM 2013 Cover Casting Call

    Every wonder how we go about selecting our beautiful cover models.

    We hold Casting Calls!

    It is definitely a streneous task, but how hard can it be to look at beautiful women all day and determine which models to feature. Yeah...I know, who wants to stare among the waves of sexy curves and determine the winners. Geez...but someone has to do it! Check out some of the beauties that attended for a chance to appear on our cover.

    Check out these beauties »

  • The Articles

    You Must be an Artist

    We are, all of us, meant to create. We are 'creat-ures', thus it is evident in the world around us that as a spider spins a web, a bird builds a nest, humans are possessed of a spiritual and biological mandate to spin and build a world of beauty and function. The human distinction is the ability to make symbols. ...

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  • Writer: Traci Lacke

    Bring Out the Artist Within

    Ever have a dream and think its too far out of reach? I have felt that way on numerous occasions myself, but truth is nothing is ever out of reach unless you make it that way yourself. This doesnt mean that it will be easy to reach the goals you set for yourself...

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  • Winter Holiday Decoration Competition

    Winter Holiday Decoration Competition

    The Glass Hat Magazine is excited to present you with our first ever Reader Competition! All you have to do is submit your photo of your hand-crafted holiday decorations, personalized light display, hand-painted winter decor etc! The staff of the GHM will pick the top five to be featured in the magazine. The first place winner will receive a free printed copy of the January issue!

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  • CEO/President: Nathaniel Goodwin

    When a Model Should Approach an Agency Part I

    First of a 4-part series about Modeling Agencies: Will examine many topics a new model will face as they decide to be agency represented!

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  • Dreaming Reality: By Michael Franks

    The passion for expression through art is ingrained into the human psyche. From man's earliest beginnings to the modern era it is our ability to create art that inspires...

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  • Model: Kaley / Photographer: Subtle Shades Photography

    Model Submissions: Getting on the panel's good side

    The panel is getting several model submissions, but they are passing right over most of them...Here is why!

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  • Writer: Traci Lacek/Photographer: Michael Schofield

    Basics for the Beginner Model: By Traci Lacek

    Time and research is needed to find a photographer that can produce a quality image, as well as have the skills to pull off the discussed concept. For example, a pin-up model would not go to a photographer whose main focus is fitness, unless...

    Continue Reading on page 26 of July »

  • Nathaniel Goodwin / Photographer Robert Henry

    Nathaniel Goodwin: Interview with a Freelance Model

    I never imagined that I would be where I am today. "Modeling is a very hard profession to be great at because modeling changes every generation." My master plan is to bring back the sex appeal...

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  • Freedom: By Melissa Wheeler

    The 2012 Oxford dictionary defines freedom as "the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint."

    Continue Reading on page 6 of July »

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